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    Want even more chocolate? You could win...


    It's easy to enter, but first we'd like to say thank you. Thank you for placing your trust in us and in our chocolate. We truly appreciate it and hope you enjoy it! 

    Now for why you are here...

    To enter to win your 3-month supply of chocolate, all you have to do is complete the 3 quick and easy tasks below. 

    Task #1: Join the Monkey Troop  

    The Monkey Troop is the place for those that love Evolved Chocolate gather. It is an exclusive Facebook group where we announce upcoming releases, host unique monthly events and offer specialty deals and discounts.

    Simply click here and request to join: The Monkey Troop

    If you are already a member, jump to the next task!

    On to task 2...

    Task #2: Fill Out This Form

    To receive your entry, we need some information. Just fill in your name, email, and order number below. 

    Within the Monkey Troop, we host a live monthly drawing for each person that orders and submits an entry using the form above. To win you just have to show up. 

    Task #3: Show Up To The Live Drawing

    Each month we host a live drawing for everyone that orders and submits an entry using the form above. To win, you just have to show up and see!

    The next live drawing is on...

    September 25th @ 3:00pm EST 

    Once you're inside the troop, you can find the live drawing by going to the Monkey Troop page, look for the pinned post and jump in on the video.


    Entries submitted from August 31st to September 24th @ 11:59pm EST will be
    entered into the September Troop drawing.